December 28, 2020


By In Perspectives

What can a chair and a horse teach you about perspective that I cannot?

Quite a lot, actually!

There is the chair. And there is the horse.

Now if this chair were to look down at the horse, the chair would see a particular view of the horse. But if the chair got down low and looked up at the same horse, the chair would see the horse quite differently.

Now the same horse, if he were to look up from below at the chair, the chair would simply loom up above him. And looking at the same chair from above, the horse would see it quite differently.

But if horse and chair were to look at each other eye to eye, they would see each other a lot more differently than they did earlier.

So it doesn’t really matter, horse or chair. It’s all a matter of perspective.

So, get off your high horse, or chair, and start looking at things differently so that you put things in the right perspective.And what is the right perspective? That we will discuss another day in another story.

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