November 17, 2020

The Battle of the Egg!

By In Table Top Stories

There was this egg. A magic egg. Called EggerMagic. The Fab EggerMagic. It had magical powers and held all the secrets of the spirits of ancient Egypt. It had been around since civilizations began many many many years ago and had seen a lot of ancient civilizations. And that had made him a wise old egg! A wise old Fab EggerMagic egg!

Then there was this queen. Queen Miyaertiti of Ancient Egypt. Miya for short. A powerful queen ruling over all of ancient Egypt. And a few other ancient kingdoms in the neighbourhood. The Fab Eggermagic belonged to her. It had been in her family for many many many years and was the source of her great power. Possessing a wise old egg who knows all the secrets of ancient civilizations, and a magical one at that, can make you a very rich and powerful queen indeed. And that is what Miya was, a very rich and powerful queen. Not very wise though, as the being wise part she left to EggerMagic the wise old egg.

There was Bad Boy Kracken who lived in the seas near Queen Miya’s kingdom and was a pest as he kept jumping in and out of the kingdom and making off with various riches or other goodies he could lay his paws or claws or whatever dragons have, on. This irritated Queen Miya but she let it go as whatever Bad Boy ran away with was small change for the fabulously rich queen. Or so it had been till now.

Then one day Queen Miya decided to go on a voyage and visit some of her neighbouring kingdoms that she ruled. She took her precious EggerMagic, the wise old egg, along with her on her voyage.

Bad Boy Kracken heard about this. And decided that he must have the EggerMagic Egg! The wise and powerful egg was something that would make him a lot more powerful than he already was. Very soon he had located the ship and having located it jumped on board searching for the magic egg.

He soon found the egg. Making sure nobody could see him he crept silently towards the egg. Suddenly he realized that it didn’t matter if anyone saw him or not as they couldn’t stop him anyway so he dumped the creeping forward silently act and with a roar pounced on the egg and grabbed it.

With the egg firmly in his grasp he now commandeered the ship and set sail at over a hundred miles an hour across the sea

Queen Miya was quite disturbed when she saw that things had changed during the night and now her ship was no longer in her crew’s command. She was even more disturbed when she saw that she could see no crew around who could have been in command. She was most disturbed when she saw that the Fab EggerMagic egg was now in the claws of that monster looking evil wicked dragon thing. She saw at once that Bad Boy had jumped her ship, eaten up her crew and with EggerMagic firmly in his grasp was running off with her ship across the seas to his own wicked kingdom.

There lived a brave and noble knight, Sir Gallopsalot, in the neighbouring kingdom. He had a reputation, other than galloping a lot, for slaying dragons at the drop of a hat, or helmet and visor if you will. Queen Miya immediately sent word for him. Sir Gallopsalot on receiving this message from Miya made ready to gallop off and go to her aid. He quickly dressed for battle, packed his battle kit, and galloped off towards Miya.

He found the ship and galloped on to it. Miya said to him – Find Bad Boy Kracken, rescue EggerMagic from his clutches, and bring me that egg. And yes, while you are at it, slay the bugger too as I am quite pissed with him for having eaten up my crew. But whatever you do, just “Get me that egg!!”

Sir Gallopsalot rose to the challenge. His gallant steed rose to the challenge. His faithful sword rose to the challenge. With so many forces rising it was going to be a difficult day for the Bad Boy. The gallant knight found the wicked dragon and a terrible battle followed. The dragon billowed great great fire and the knight attacked with great ferocity, and the boat rocked with the violence that was being played out on its decks.

The ship rolled this a way. The ship rolled that a way. The gallant knight and steed galloped around the dragon. And finding an opening he lunged forward and plunged his sword in. Ouch said the dragon. And more out of surprise than pain, dropped the egg. The egg was dropped. The battle was won. The dragon jumped into the sea and ran away.

And so ended the battle of the Egg. And went down in history as the first one and the last one of its kind. The EggerMagic was restored to Queen Miya. And Sir Gallopsalot had one more tale to tell of his battles with dragons. And Bad Boy Kracken, well he just would have to wait for another egg to come his way.

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